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Wood vs. Composite Shims

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Wood vs. Composite Shims

Jan 8, 2024
Wood vs. Composite Shims

We are excited to feature our Shim category this month! This category includes our composite shims and wood shims.  

In this blog, we will walk you through what both composite shims and wood shims are and their differences, how they can be used, and the different packs that we have available for you! 

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Wood and Composite Shims Similarities and Differences 


Wood and composite shims are both types of wedge-shaped materials used to fill gaps, level surfaces, and provide support in construction, carpentry, and DIY projects since they are versatile and easy to use. 


Wood shims:  


These are typically made from softwood, or cedar and are widely used for various applications in DIY projects and residential and commercial construction. 

They are often used to align doors and windows, level cabinets and countertops, and provide support for heavy objects.  

Wood shims are easy to cut and snap, making them versatile for different projects. 


Composite shims:  


Composite shims are utilized in carpentry, construction, and DIY projects. 

They are made in the USA and are from a blend of environmentally friendly materials such as sawdust, resin, and recycled plastics. 

They are designed to be more durable and moisture-resistant than traditional wood shims, making them ideal for outdoor and high-moisture environments. For instance, composite shims can withstand insects, weather, and water. In addition, there is no splitting or cracking, swelling, warping, and rotting.  


Wood and Composite Shim Applications 


Wood and Composite Shims can be used in several ways across different industries.  

Whether for professional or DIY use, wood shims are an indispensable tool for achieving precise and durable results. 

Below we have outlined some of the applications of wood and composite shims!  


Wood Shims: 




Wood shims are used to align and level walls, doors, and windows. They are also used to create a straight and even surface when installing flooring, such as hardwood or laminate.  

In addition, wood shims can be utilized to provide support and stability for heavy items, such as furniture or appliances. 




Wood shims are used to adjust and secure joints, ensuring a tight and professional finish. They are also used when installing trim, such as baseboards, crown molding, and chair rails, to maintain a straight and level appearance. 


DIY projects  


Shims can be used in several DIY projects including but not limited to, installing shelving, building furniture, and repairing or reinforcing structures. 


Composite Shims:  




Composite Shims help to level and align doors, windows, cabinets, and other building materials. They are placed behind the hinges, frames, or other structural elements to ensure secure and even installation. 




In carpentry, composite shims are frequently used for leveling and aligning structural components, such as framing, joists, and beams, and for adjusting the fit of doors, windows, and millwork. 

They are also popular for smaller carpentry tasks, such as hanging shelves, installing trim, or building custom furniture 


DIY projects 


Composite shims are commonly used to level furniture, countertops, and flooring, and to stabilize wobbly fixtures or appliances. 

Overall, composite shims are a versatile and essential tool in various construction, DIY, and carpentry applications, providing stability and precision in a wide range of projects. 


Wood and Composite Shim Pack Options 


Both wood and composite shims come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate your unique needs. They are essential tools for ensuring precise and secure installations in construction and woodworking, making them indispensable for builders, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts. 

Below you can view our pack options for both our wood and composite shims!  


Wood Shims:  


We have four options you can choose from.  

  1. 7-3/8” 12 pieces per pack 

  2. 7-3/8” 56 pieces per pack

  3. 12" 42 pieces per pack 

  4. 15” 36 pieces per pack  


Composite Shims:  


We have two pack options for you to check out. 

  1. 8” 8 pieces per pack

  2. 8” 32 pieces per pack 


Midwest Dowel Wood and Composite Shims Available for You  


We hope that you are as thrilled about using wood and composite shims as we are!  

If you are looking for the best quality wood or composite shims, then Midwest Dowel is the supplier for you. We offer only the most dependable wooden shims and other wood components that you use every day.  

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