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Dowels in Food: From Tool to Presentation

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Dowels in Food: From Tool to Presentation

Jun 24, 2024
Dowels in Food: From Tool to Presentation

Did you know that dowels can be used for more than just woodworking projects?  

Dowels are cylindrical rods commonly used in woodworking to reinforce joints and provide structural support. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways when it comes to food.  

For example, you can skewer pieces of fruit, cheese, or meat onto dowels to create colorful and visually appealing hors d'oeuvres for a party or gathering. Or you can use dowels in the kitchen to make your cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.  

If you're looking to add a new element to your culinary ventures, incorporating dowels into your cooking routine can open a world of possibilities. 

At Midwest Dowel, we understand the importance of using high-quality dowels for all your culinary creations. In this article, we will explore three exciting ways you can add dowels into your food preparation. 

wedding cake with supports

Cake Supports  


Dowel cake supports are commonly used to provide stability and support when constructing tiered cakes.  

Utilizing dowels prevents the tiers from collapsing or sliding during transportation or display, ensuring that your cake remains intact and visually appealing. They distribute the weight of the upper tiers evenly, reducing stress on the bottom tier and preventing sinking or cracking. 

In addition, dowels help support the tier above and prevent any bulging or sagging between layers. By using dowels, you can confidently create multi-tiered cakes that are both structurally sound and visually stunning. 

Here is how you can use dowels as tier cake supports: 

  1. Level your cake layers: Start by leveling each cake layer to ensure they are even and flat. This will help create a stable base for the tiered cake.

  2. Determine the number of dowels needed: Choose the type of wood species of the dowl and decide how many dowels you will need based on the size and weight of the upper tier. We suggest that you pick dowels from our large selection here. Use one dowel in the center of the tier, with additional dowels placed evenly around the tier's circumference. 

  3. Insert the dowels: Measure the height of the bottom tier and mark the same height on the dowels. Using a sharp knife or a dowel cutter, cut the dowels to the marked height. Insert the dowels into the bottom tier, evenly spaced apart and in a circular pattern.

  4. Stack the tiers: Once the dowels are secured in the bottom tier, carefully stack the next tier on top. Ensure that the dowels are centered and level to provide maximum stability. 

Cake Pop 


Cake pops are a delightful and fun treat that have become increasingly popular in recent years.  

They are bite-sized balls of cake that are attached to a small stick or dowel, making them a useful tool to transport and easily present at any party or event. For instance, they can be displayed in a dessert buffet or as a centerpiece for special occasions. In fact, you can even decorate the cake ball with colorful sprinkles, drizzle it with chocolate, or adorn it with tiny fondant decorations to match the theme of your event. 

To ensemble a cake pop, all you need to do is insert a dowel in the center of your cake ball. We suggest that you cut in half our ¼" x 12” round dowels to ensure that your cake pops are sturdy. The dowel will serve as a support system, keeping your cake pops in place and preventing them from falling over.  

By using dowels, you can arrange your cake pops in an organized manner, whether it is in a straight line, a circle, or any other desired pattern. This adds a professional touch to your presentation and makes your cake pops look even more enticing to eat! 

grilled meat skewers



A skewer is a long, thin rod made from a sturdy material such as a wooden dowel.   

It is primarily used during the grilling process to secure and hold food items in place, allowing for even cooking and ease of handling over an open flame or grill.  

We recommend that you use our ¼" x 12” wooden dowels for optimal performance

To use a skewer, start by selecting your desired food items for grilling, such as vegetables, chunks of meat, seafood, or fruits. Then, soak the skewer in water for about 20 to 30 minutes. This step is important as it prevents the skewer from burning or splintering during the grilling process. 

toasted marshmallow and hot dog on skewer

Once the skewer is ready, thread the selected food items onto it, allowing enough space between each piece to ensure proper cooking. It is essential to thread the items securely onto the skewer, making sure they are evenly distributed to promote even cooking. 

When grilling, preheat the grill to the desired temperature, ensuring it is clean and well-oiled to prevent sticking. Place the loaded dowel skewer onto the grill grates, keeping it away from direct flames if using a charcoal grill. The skewer should be positioned parallel to the grates, allowing the food to cook evenly on all sides. 

meat skewers on the grill

While grilling, it is crucial to monitor the food, rotating the skewer occasionally to ensure even heat distribution and prevent any charring. Depending on the type and size of the food items, grilling times may vary.  

There are also many other unique ways to use them, including corndogs, candy apples, fondue forks, sushi mats, pizza peels, and more! 

High-Quality Dowels with Midwest Dowel 


At Midwest Dowel, we take pride in offering high-quality dowels that will enhance your cooking experience. Whether you are a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, our dowels are perfect for your various culinary endeavors. 

Our high-quality dowels are made from premium wood, ensuring durability and longevity. They are carefully crafted to provide excellent heat distribution, resulting in evenly cooked dishes every time.  

Furthermore, our dowels are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific cooking needs. Whether you need a thinner dowel for delicate tasks like skewering vegetables or a thicker dowel for meat and poultry, we have got you covered. Our dowels are also available in different lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your cooking equipment. 

When you choose our dowels, you can be confident that you are investing in a product that will enhance your cooking experiences and last for years to come.  Click here to shop Midwest Dowel today!  

For more DIY wood dowel tips, follow Midwest Dowel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!    

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