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Unraveling the Mysteries of Laminate Dowels

Woodworking is an art that relies on precision, quality materials, and an understanding of how to best utilize different components to achieve the desired outcome.  

Dowels play an essential role in va...

Incorporating Dowels into Garden and Landscape Design

Are you looking for a unique way to enhance your garden and landscape design? 

One often overlooked but versatile option is incorporating dowels into your outdoor space.  

Wood dowels are cylindrical ro...

A Christmas tree made of wooden dowels. The text reads, "DIY Wooden Dowel Rod Christmas Trees"

There is no limit to what you can do with wooden dowel rods, a few supplies, and a pinch of imagination. Home crafts and home improvement projects often rely on wooden dowels for success. Why? Because...

Which Wood Species Should You Use for Your Next DIY Dowel Project?

When it comes to woodworking, the devil is in the details. One of the most essential components of many projects are dowels. Whether you're working on a piece of furniture, a craft project, or any oth...

Wood Dowel loop

One of our customers has been using our oak dowels to pursue his creative vision with a new invention! It's called the QUICK-LOOP, a wet/dry mop that is simple, inexpensive, and better for the environ...

A large bubble being made with a dowel and string

We hope summer has been treating everybody well! It's been a minute since our last blog post but we're back and ready to get creative. This post is definitely DIY themed and kid friendly, as it's abou...

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