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Simple Crafts Are Making a Comeback

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Simple Crafts Are Making a Comeback

Feb 19, 2024
Simple Crafts Are Making a Comeback

Simple crafts are the perfect solution for anyone who is a beginner, parents hoping to teach their child a new craft, someone balancing a busy work schedule, and more!  

Using wood dowels to do a simple craft offers so much convenience to help you easily navigate your craft to completion. Wooden dowel crafts require minimal time and effort, making them ideal if you have limited knowledge or availability. 

Wood dowels are versatile and easy to work with. They can be easily shaped and carved into various forms, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Whether it is a decorative item, a small piece of furniture, or even a unique gift, wood dowels can be transformed into whatever your heart desires. 

The materials needed to create these crafts are readily available and affordable. If you want to use dowels, Midwest Dowels has a wide selection you can choose from. Click here to browse through our variety of dowels for your next craft! 

The simplicity of wood dowel crafts ensures a quick and hassle-free process. Wooden dowel crafts can be completed by people of all ages and skill levels. This accessibility allows even a beginner to indulge in a new endeavor, regardless of your schedule or skill level.  

With these crafts, you can find joy in craftsmanship and indulge in a simple activity.  

In this blog post, we will show you how you can use wooden dowels to construct a snowflake wall shelf and a personalized wood sign.  

wood sign

Personalized Wood Sign 


A personalized wood sign is a wonderful craft for a beginner or someone who has a busy lifestyle. We recommend you use square dowels for this project. If you want to create a sign that looks like the picture above, check out our Pinterest board for more instructions and information

We recommend that you use square dowels to do this craft. Make sure to browse through our selection of wood dowels to pick the right style for your preferences. There are many styles of wood to choose from that can complement your other décor in your home.

A personalized wood sign can be used in many ways to decorate your home throughout the year. The outside rim of the sign is the base of the sign, and you can style the wood style with anything you want. For example, you can choose to print a family portrait on the wood and place it on your mantle! Be innovative and feel free to customize your sign to your liking.  

Another thing you can do is make a wooden sign with a group of friends or family. 

We recognize that it can be difficult learning a new craft, navigating your busy schedule or even trying to capture the attention of your child.   

However, if you want to dedicate the time to spend time with your loved ones this craft is an exciting thing to do together since you can collaborate on the ways to customize your sign. 

Designing a personalized wood sign is also a great gift to give to a family member or friend. The freedom you have to customize the sign provides the ability to tailor the sign and add an extra touch to the gift as opposed to a store-bought item that is not unique or special.  

wooden shamrock

Wood Shim Shamrock  


Creating a wood shim shamrock is an exciting and effortless way to have a unique decoration and add some luck to your home for St. Patrick's Day. If you want instructions on how to create it check out our Pinterest board!

We suggest that you use wood shims for this project. To see our selection of wood shims, click here

We love that this wood shamrock can be used in multiple ways for your décor since you can keep it up past St. Patrick’s Day! Who doesn’t need the luck of the Irish throughout the year? I know we do.  

You can even paint the wood shim shamrock green to match the clover or any color of your preference.  

Embrace good luck this year by constructing a wood shim shamrock!  

Wooden Dowels Shipped Directly to Your Home with Midwest Dowel 


We hope that these crafts bring joy to your life! A snowflake wall shelf and a personalized wood sign are both simple DIY crafts that are safe, creative, and simple for beginners. 

Midwest Dowel offers many different sized dowels to help you make one of these quick wooden dowel craft projects that are perfect for your home. 

Home projects using wood dowels are fun and innovative crafts that just require a few supplies and are fun for everyone! 

The best part? You can have all the dowels you need shipped directly to your front door from Midwest Dowel. Perfect for home crafts, home repairs, and more wood dowels are versatile and easy to use for even beginners. 

Ready to make your own wood dowel snowflake wall shelf or a personalized wood sign? Click here to shop Midwest Dowel today! 

For more DIY wood dowel tips, follow Midwest Dowel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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