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DIY Wedding Decor: Incorporating Dowels for a Rustic Touch

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DIY Wedding Décor: Incorporating Dowels for a Rustic Touch

Apr 8, 2024
DIY Wedding Décor: Incorporating Dowels for a Rustic Touch

Recently, rustic-themed weddings have gained popularity for their charming, earthy, and whimsical aesthetic. 

Many couples are drawn to the simplicity and natural beauty of rustic decor, which often includes elements like wood, burlap, and mason jars.  

One way to incorporate this theme into your wedding is by using wooden dowels. Dowels are cylindrical rods, typically made of wood, that can be used in various DIY wedding decorations to add a touch of charm to your vision.  

Not only that, but dowels are versatile, affordable, and easy to work with, making them a great option.  

Plus, the natural look of wooden dowels perfectly complements the rustic style and provides warmth to your overall aesthetic.

At Midwest Dowel, we have a wide selection of dowels that will ensure that you have everything you need to create beautiful and unique wedding decorations.

In this blog post, we will explain a few DIY projects you can do to bring your wedding vision to life!  

Dowel Flower Basket  


Constructing a dowel flower basket is an elegant DIY decoration you can incorporate for your wedding.  

For this project, we recommend that you use round and square dowels.  

We love this DIY project because it is versatile, as it can be placed in several areas during your wedding, including at the entrance of the ceremony or reception, as centerpieces on reception tables, or as part of the wedding party's decor.  

The basket is typically used to hold and display flowers, whether they are fresh blooms or artificial arrangements. The flowers in the basket add a pop of color and natural beauty to your wedding, creating a more romantic atmosphere.

The dowel flower basket provides a rustic element to your wedding due to its natural, wooden material and simple design. This aesthetic is classy and gives off a down-to-earth vibe to your overall wedding decor, making it perfect for more relaxed and intimate ceremonies or outdoor settings. 

In addition, putting the dowel flower basket together can be a collaborative effort with the help of your family, friends, and experienced wedding decorators or coordinators. 

Everyone can pitch in to arrange and place the flowers in the basket, making sure that it matches your overall wedding theme and style. 

wood lantern

Wood Lantern 


Creating a wood lantern for your rustic wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage with loved ones.  

We suggest that you utilize varying sizes of our medium-sized square dowels for this DIY decoration. For instance, you could use our cherry ½ x36, ¼x36, and ¾ x36 square dowels!  

If you want more specific instructions on how to create this project, click here

A wood lantern can be used to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere during your wedding. It creates a romantic and cozy ambiance, especially when candles are placed inside to provide soft, flickering light. The warm glow of the lanterns can help set the mood and create a more intimate setting for the celebration. 

The lantern can be placed at various locations during your wedding, including as centerpieces on dining tables, along the aisle for the ceremony, or even hung from trees or ceilings for an outdoor wedding. 

The clean lines and geometric shape of the lantern add a modern touch to the decor, while the warm light from the candles inside adds a sense of comfort and serenity.  

The combination of the lantern's design and the soft candlelight helps create an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and inviting. 

After the wedding, you can use the lantern as home decor as a memory from your special day. It can also be given as a thoughtful gift to a family member or friend to help them create a welcoming atmosphere in their own space. 

Wood Alter Backdrop


Constructing a wood alter backdrop is a classy addition to your wedding!  

We recommend that you use three of our ½ x36 oak square dowels for this DIY project.

The natural textures, tones, and grains of the oak wood provide a beautiful platform for exchanging vows and celebrating your love story. Additionally, wood alters can be customized to fit your personal style and wedding theme, making them versatile and adaptable to any setting. 

The charm of a wood altar backdrop lies in its ability to create a focal point for your ceremony. Whether adorned with greenery, flowers, or draped fabric, the wood provides a stunning backdrop that enhances the overall visual appeal of your ceremony space. The simplicity and raw beauty of the wood allow for other decorative elements to shine.  

Your wood altar backdrop will add a sense of intimacy and warmth to the ceremony. It exudes a timeless charm that is elegant. 

Whether you opt for a simple or elaborate design, a wood altar backdrop is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. 

DIY Rustic Wedding Decor with Midwest Dowel 


At Midwest Dowel, we have everything you need to create your dream wedding with our wide range of wood products.  

From dowels and wooden rods to crafting sticks and wooden shapes, we have you covered for all your DIY wedding decor needs. 

You can also make gorgeous and personalized wooden signs to guide your guests or make charming table numbers and place cards using Midwest Dowel's high-quality wood products. Or consider crafting your own unique centerpieces, cake toppers, and chair decorations as an addition to your wedding. 

If you want to learn more about DIY projects you can do, click here!  

With Midwest Dowel, you have the flexibility to customize and create DIY wedding decor that perfectly suits your style and vision.  

Whether you are going for a bohemian, vintage, or country-chic theme, our wood products offer endless possibilities for your special day. 

Make your dream wedding a reality with Midwest Dowel's premium wood products, which will help you personalize your wedding decor and create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests.  

Let Midwest Dowel be your go-to supplier for all your DIY rustic wedding decor needs. 

Ready to craft your own wedding decorations? Click here to shop Midwest Dowel today!  

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