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Getting Inventive With Wood Dowels

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Getting Inventive With Wood Dowels!

Oct 20, 2014
Wood Dowel loop

One of our customers has been using our oak dowels to pursue his creative vision with a new invention! It's called the QUICK-LOOP, a wet/dry mop that is simple, inexpensive, and better for the environment.

The QUICK-LOOP is a sustainable cleaner that can mop, dust, and disinfect using ordinary cloth. You never have to worry about replacing a soiled sponge, or trying to wring clean a dirty deck mop. It takes one second to replace the fabric with a fresh clean cloth. This is a much more efficient way to disinfect a floor.

The cloth tucks into the open loop. The loop holds the cloth for dry dusting or wet mopping. Using it with a microfiber cloth makes for a powerful duster. But not just for floors. The L shape is great for dusting overhead or behind table legs.

The QUICK-LOOP is best thought of as the best kind of combination of a deck mop and a flat mop. Like a deck mop it can focus the power of the scrubbing action into a small area. With the oak dowel you can really scrub hard to clean gunk on the tile, but the spring designed into the steel will keep it from scrubbing too hard and damaging a surface like hardwood.

Steel and unfinished American oak. No moving parts to wear, no replacement sponges or sheets to buy. The loop traps the cloth and holds it. 

The awesome thing about emerging technologies is that sometimes they can be used to make something really simple. QUICK-LOOP is possible due to advances in 3D computer controlled wire forming. Inspired by an old Latin American mop design called the Cuban Mop, the combination of a high tech formed steel spring and the low tech red oak dowel create something totally unique. This cleaner works better, easier, faster, and more economically. It saves money and reduces waste. 

This can work with whatever type of cleaning solution you like. Enough of us are trying to wrap our flat mops in real cloth to save from buying the disposables that companies are making spray or squirt bottles of cleaner. This is a fantastic combination with the QUICK-LOOP. Method, Bona, Murphy's Oil Soap, and many others have spray or squirt wood floor cleaners now.

We love to see people being innovative! If you think that the QUICK-LOOP is a good idea and/or something you'd like to use, visit their Kickstarter page to watch a video and find out how you can order one today!

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