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Incorporating Dowels into Garden and Landscape Design

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Incorporating Dowels into Garden and Landscape Design

May 6, 2024
Incorporating Dowels into Garden and Landscape Design

Are you looking for a unique way to enhance your garden and landscape design? 

One often overlooked but versatile option is incorporating dowels into your outdoor space.  

Wood dowels are cylindrical rods made from wood that are commonly used in woodworking projects. They come in many sizes and types of wood, such as oak, maple, and more! 

Dowels are versatile tools that can be utilized in a variety of ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your garden. For instance, they can create increased vertical space for planting, utilize limited horizontal space, and provide a sturdy framework for your plants.  

At Midwest Dowel, we have a wide selection of wood dowels that you can use to spruce up your garden with dowels. 

In this blog, we will explore four DIY projects where you can incorporate dowels into your garden and landscape design. The projects include creating a Plant Stake, Zen Garden, and a trellis to hold your plants or flowers, and garden signs!

If you are interested in learning more about other DIY projects you can do with wood dowels, click here

Plant Stake 

Plant Stake 


A dowel plant stake is a versatile tool that can be utilized in your garden to add efficiency in many ways. Square or round dowels are perfect for this project.

Here are three ways that this unique DIY Project can enhance your garden:  

  1. A plant stake can support tall plants, such as tomatoes, peas, or sunflowers. By inserting the stake into the ground near the plant, it provides a sturdy support for the plant to grow vertically, preventing it from toppling over due to heavy fruit or strong winds.

  2. It can train your vines or climbers to grow in a specific direction. By gently tying the stems to the stake, you can guide the plants to climb upward or spread across a trellis, creating an attractive and organized appearance.

  3. A plant stake can be incorporated to mark the location of bulbs or tubers that have been planted, especially in areas that experience harsh winters. By placing the stake next to the planting spot, it ensures that you can remember where the bulbs are located, preventing accidental damage during the winter months when the ground may be covered in snow. 
Garden Signs or Labels 

Garden Signs or Labels 


Wood Dowel Signs or Labels are essential to organize your plants or spices in your garden!  

For this project, we recommend that you choose any of our dowel wood species. We recommend our 3/8” x12’ dowel pack.

This DIY project serves several purposes. By labeling each plant, you can easily identify and learn about the varied species, their specific care requirements, and potential uses. This is particularly helpful for novice gardeners or those who are unfamiliar with certain plants. 

In addition, garden signs or labels can assist in organizing and designing your garden layout. By strategically placing signs to designate different sections or areas, you can create a sense of structure and order. This makes it easier to navigate through your garden and locate specific plants, herbs, or vegetables. 

This simple project is an effective tool for creating a beautiful and well-managed garden! 

  Zen Garden Kit Rake

Zen Garden Kit Rake  


A wooden dowel Zen Garden rake is an excellent addition to your garden. Its simplicity blends seamlessly with your Zen Garden kit, creating a harmonious atmosphere. 

For this project, we recommend using our birch 1”x36” Birch Dowel Rods

A wood dowel rake serves multiple purposes in your Zen Garden. It allows for the meticulous raking of sand or gravel, creating beautiful patterns and designs. This activity promotes mindfulness and relaxation, as it encourages focus and attentiveness to detail. 

In addition, a wood dowel Zen Garden rake also has practical advantages. The wooden dowels' carefully crafted design ensures an even distribution of pressure, preventing sand from scattering unevenly.  

The smooth edges of the dowels further contribute to this, allowing for effortless movement across the surface. This allows for a consistent and visually pleasing result every time you rake your garden kit, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. 

By incorporating this wooden rake, you can enjoy the meditative act of raking while adding an authentic touch to your Zen oasis. 




A wood trellis is a perfect way to spruce up your outdoor garden. Its rustic and natural charm can add a touch of elegance and character to your garden, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

For this DIY project, we suggest that you use our 1”x36” square dowels and our ½"x36” round dowels.  

The size of the square dowels you choose to create a trestle should depend on your preference. It is helpful to measure your garden to evaluate the space you have available.  

From a functional standpoint, a wood trestle provides a versatile platform for a variety of gardening activities. Its sturdy structure can support climbing plants, such as vines and climbers, creating a beautiful living wall that adds vertical interest to the garden. 

Additionally, the trellis can serve as a support for hanging flower baskets, creating a breathtaking floral display. 

Furthermore, a trellis can function as a space-saving solution for small gardens. By utilizing the vertical space, plants can grow upward rather than outward, maximizing the available area. This feature is especially beneficial for urban gardens or limited spaces. 

The trellis's ability to serve as both a decorative feature and a practical platform for gardening activities makes it valuable if you are a garden enthusiast. 


Enhance Your Garden and Landscape Design with Midwest Dowel  


At Midwest Dowel, we are your go-to destination to enhance your garden and landscape design. With a wide range of wood products, we have everything you need to create the garden of your dreams. 

Our high-quality wood products are perfect for adding a touch of style and beauty to your outdoor space. 

One of the key benefits of choosing wood products from Midwest Dowel is our product durability.  

We recommend selecting our white oak species because it is weather resistant, allowing you to enjoy your garden enhancements for years to come.  

In addition to durability, we offer a wide variety of wood species to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of birch or the rustic charm of teak, we have the perfect wood to suit your style and preferences. 

With our expertise in wood products, we can also provide you with valuable advice and guidance on how to best utilize your products for your garden and landscape design. 

Ready to make your own wood dowel Zen Garden Rake or Trestle? Click here to shop Midwest Dowel today!  

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