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Wooden Christmas Tree

It seems that the inevitable turkey and stuffing induced coma, and marathon football watching and the all important catching up with relatives is coming at us very soon. However, when one holiday ends the preparation for the next begins. That being said, we imagine that Christmas is a crafter's dream holiday because that means DIY decor and gifts all season long.

There are many different ways that we could approach our holiday craft findings with you, but we've finally settled on posting them via categories. As this month progresses we are going to cover a lot of the different ways you can decorate and gift-give in a DIY fashion. Things that are handmade are typically a) more cost-effective, b) completely customizable, c) allow you to create with others, and d) show how much you care as a representation of the time you're willing to spend thinking about others and their enjoyment of a gift from the heart.

This week we tackle a big one: the Christmas tree. Our family tree hunt last year took place just a few short days before Christmas, and upon finding her, took a ridiculously (and I mean embarrassingly) long time to cut down as I think we were given the dullest saw in the world. I digress.

We understand that some people don't go the whole "real" tree route, however, so we've trolled cyberspace for some unique artificial, crafty tree ideas that utilize wooden dowels. Some of these are simply meant to decorate a corner, a wall, or some tables at a holiday party, but any of them could be "Super Sized" to become a focal point of a room.

We found you options, so it's your turn to look them over, test them out, and get to crafting because we've got only a short time til Christmas (can you believe it?!) and a ton of other crafts coming your way! Easy enough for all ages.


dowel tree one                 dowel tree two               dowel tree three


Each of these trees are unique, the first two being a little more obvious in construction since they are hollow, but these last ones are simply a base + dowel rod + different sized pieces of burlap to create an interesting texture and fullness.

Got some tree ideas of your own or other Christmas decor crafts? Keep us posted this holiday season -Check out our Facebook page!